Swiss FlagJuly 9—13, 2019
Loma Linda, California, USA

Your Brain, Your Body

Loma Linda University Hospital

Where: Loma Linda University, Southern California, USA

Dates: July 9 through 13, 2019 (bonus day for Special Needs Ministries: July 14)

Best Airports: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) or Ontario Airport (ONT) (Southern California)

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Please read the information below:

We look forward to welcoming you to Loma Linda University Health, and the Third Global Conference on Health and Lifestyle. This year we are excited to be partnering with Special Needs Ministries (SNM) and running dedicated SNM tracks and an additional day of meetings for this focus group on July 14.

We are pleased to have a special emphasis for those in administration and hospital leadership. Governance, ecclesiastical, and institutional relationships and day-to-day management with an emphasis on the whole person will be highlighted. This track will also serve as an important networking opportunity, which may pave the way towards conversations and collaborations on our work and our mission as a global team.

The First Global Conference on Health and Lifestyle was held in Geneva in 2009. Since then, the event has grown in content and size. This year, we will be hosted by Loma Linda University Health (LLUH), and we are delighted for this partnership. There are exciting developments taking place on the LLUH campus, including the erection of one of the most highly-engineered and modern new hospital buildings in North America.

Geneva Scene


Registration numbers continue to climb, but because of the difficulties many are reporting in obtaining visas, the Early Bird rate is being extended to June 7.  

On-site check-in (collection of bags and badges) will open on July 8 at 1 PM and continue until 5 PM, reopening on Tuesday, July 9 at 9 AM until noon. Conference opening and first plenary session will start on Tuesday, July 9, at 1:30 PM  in the Drayson Center.

Basic Registration Fees (not including accommodation):

Early Bird (until June 7) $395 US
Regular: (June 8-June 30) $450 US
Onsite (if available) $500 US

Registration specifics:

$395 = base registration. This registration fee does not include any hotel accommodation – you must make your own accommodation arrangements.

$895 = base registration plus shared room hotel accommodation. In order to select this registration option, you MUST submit the name of the individual with whom you wish to share a room – and that person must submit your name when he or she registers. Spouses who are attending the conference need to use this option, submitting each other’s names as roommates.

$1395 = base registration plus six nights of single-room hotel accommodation (nights of July 8 through 13, leaving on July 14).

Please indicate the date of your arrival and the date of your departure. If you are arriving before July 8 and departing after July 14, the hotel will charge your provided credit card for those nights.

The conference has contracted with Loma Linda University to provide morning and evening shuttle service between the contracted hotels and the Conference sites. Times of these shuttles will be available upon Conference Check-In.


Continuing Education:

Continuing education credits will be available to health professionals, and certificates of attendance will be available to all, both sponsored by Loma Linda University.

Letters of Invitation:

These can be requested during the registration process on DEOR. If you requested one through this website ahead of registration opening, please do not request one during registration process on DEOR.

Short Term Travel Insurance:

This is included in the registration fee as it is a requirement of the General Conference (GC) that all overseas, and even local attendees have adequate health insurance while visiting the US and attending GC sponsored meetings.


We have blocked rooms in many of the nearby hotels, and once registration opens, these will be available on a first come, first served basis upon registration at the DEOR site.


Transport options from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) or Ontario, California International Airport (ONT) to Loma Linda/San Bernardino:

We encourage the use of Uber/Lyft services. Our experience has been that these services are efficient and cost-effective.

Shared shuttle services are also available:

  • The Blue Shuttle offers round-trip service from LAX to San Bernardino (our hotels are in San Bernardino) at a reasonable price, with multiple stops and seven passengers per van. A maximum of two pieces of luggage per passenger is allowed on the shared van. Blue Shuttle service may be reserved online here.
  • SuperShuttle runs out of the Ontario, California airport (ONT). Book for advance SuperShuttle reservations by clicking here.

There will be a complimentary shuttle bus serving the contracted Loma Linda/San Bernardino area hotels, running morning and evening to and from the conference venue.


As all meetings take place on the LLUH campus, we are providing lunch on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sabbath. Two additional meals include Friday evening and Sabbath early evening after the closing meeting. These are included for registered attendees, and, on registration, provision will be made to allow listing of some specific food requirements. You will need to swipe the QR code on your conference badge to receive your meals. This arrangement has been made to ensure the provision of tasty, nourishing and freshly prepared vegetarian meals, and provide more opportunity for you to enjoy the fellowship and networking.

Conference Content:

Plenary sessions will begin on Tuesday, July 9, at 1:30 PM, and will be held every morning thereafter from 9 AM until 12:30 PM July 10, 11, and 12. The plenary presentations will be simultaneously translated into Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, and American Sign Language (for the hearing impaired, provided by our Special Needs Ministries group). On July 14, there will be a specially arranged day specifically for the Special Needs Ministries Delegates.

There will be 27 plenary presentations. We are blessed to have world experts presenting on many topics, which include mind-body interaction and wellbeing as affected by diet, exercise, sleep, metabolic disorders, the microbiome, burnout, depression, addiction, and protective lifestyle interventions will be discussed. There will be an emphasis on the dynamics of lifestyle and behavior change, as well as an update on Adventist Health Study 2 (AHS2). A plenary and workshop will describe the role, application, and benefits of music therapy in wholistic wellbeing.

Dr. David Williams will keynote the conference. Pastor Mark Finley will be leading the Friday evening devotional. Pastor Ted N.C. Wilson will be speaking on Sabbath at the worship service, and, in keeping with the devotional theme of our heritage, the King’s Heralds will be our special guests for Friday evening and Sabbath morning. Pastor Lowell Cooper will deliver the closing message Sabbath afternoon.

Each day, Jim Nix will be telling stories related to the heritage, legacy, and ongoing opportunity of extending the Healing Ministry of Jesus through Loma Linda University Health.

There will be 20 breakout sessions covering wholistic health and lifestyle tracks, including:

  1. Women’s Mental Health
  2. Mental Health
  3. Nursing (for nursing professionals) *
  4. Dental (for dental professionals) *
  5. Your Mind, You Body as Affected by Addictions: Building Resilience for Prevention
  6. Lifestyle & Disease – Expanding Our Understanding
  7. Nutrition and Your Brain
  8. CEOs and Leadership – Leadership Professional Development*
  9. The Underestimated Wellbeing Impact Factor
  10. School of Public Health – Wellness Coaching
  11. Health Coaching in Health Ministry - Thinking and Living With New Purpose*
  12. Music Therapy: The Brain and Body in Harmony (Variations)
  13. HIV Brain Sprain
  14. Adventist Recovery Ministries (training program)*
  15. Children’s Health – mental health emphasis
  16. Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP 3.0)
  17. Your Brain, Your Body - Practical Approaches in the Community
  18. Health Ministries Resources and Program (Cancelled)
  19. Chaplaincy – wholistic service*
  20. Special Needs Ministries/Possibility Ministries *
  21. Deaf Ministries
  22. Designed to Thrive: The Blended Ministry in action in the South Pacific Division

The complete list of workshops and presentations can be found here.

Please Note: A number of breakout sessions require attendance at all three afternoon sessions in order to receive a certificate of attendance for that track. These are marked with an asterisk (*) in the list above and are noted on the registration form in DEOR. Please choose carefully and honor your selection to facilitate the planning of room allocations.

Breakout Sessions/Tracks:

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons, from 2:00pm to 5:30pm in the Drayson Center and the Centennial Building. When you register please choose one session for each day as the session will take up the entire afternoon.

When choosing your breakout sessions or tracks, please note that seven of the sessions require attendance at all three days. These are:

  • Nursing
  • Dental
  • CEOs/Administrators
  • Behavior Change/Health Coaching in Churches and Communities
  • Adventist Recovery Ministries/Global
  • Chaplaincy
  • Special Needs Ministries (Possibility Ministries)

For those selecting one of the Special Needs Ministries (Possibility Ministries) tracks, please note that there is an additional day.  These tracks will meet on Sunday, July 14 in addition to the regular conference dates.

A registration fee in the amount of 45.00 U.S.D. will be collected at the time of registration.  This fee includes lunch on Sunday, July 14.  Please be prepared to pay this additional fee in cash or by credit card.

Some breakout sessions repeat the same subject matter each of the three days. These are:

  • School of Public Health--Lifestyle Coaching
  • Music Therapy
  • Complete Health Improvement Program/CHIP

The rest of the breakout sessions will offer different material on their subject each day. If you choose to attend a different one every day, you will not receive all the information that will be shared in the entire three days, but you will have a more mixed learning experience.

Apart from Friday evening and Sabbath Opening Vespers, the evenings will be free. The days will be full and interesting, with good opportunities for meeting and networking over the lunch hours.

It will be summertime, hot during the days, pleasant in the evenings, and the heat is a dry heat. The meetings will take place in air-conditioned venues and drinking water will be provided.

We have planned a “healthy and health-promoting conference” – not only in content but also with ample opportunities to stretch and move during the program. Thank you for planning to attend this Third Global Conference on Health and Lifestyle. We wish you safe travels and a fulfilling and enjoyable experience!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our conference logistics team at [email protected], [email protected], [email protected].

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