Swiss FlagJuly 9—13, 2019
Loma Linda, California, USA

Your Brain, Your Body

Loma Linda University Hospital

The Third Global Conference on Lifestyle and Health will take place in Loma Linda, CA, USA. The first two were held in Geneva, Switzerland In 2009 the focus was on Lifestyle as Primary Health Care, and in 2014 it was Lifestyle and Non-communicable Diseases. This time the theme focuses on lifestyle and how it affects the body and the brain--Wholistic Wellness. We will explore the way lifestyle interventions modify our total well-being through the cycles of life.

The important aspects of effecting behavior and lifestyle changes will be discussed in plenaries, breakout sessions, and focus groups.

Geneva Scene

There will be many opportunities for networking with professionals from around the world. Your presence will help to make this an unforgettable and community changing experience.

Please join internationally renowned experts as they explore the pivotal role of lifestyle and wholistic living in a broken world. We look forward to welcoming you in Loma Linda!